Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Continued advancements in cosmetic dental methods and technologies give patients the opportunity to improve the aesthetics of their smile while building function and durability into their bite. Dr. Sara Evans and her team at Northwest Family Dental use minimally invasive procedures to create long-term cosmetic and functional improvements to patient smiles.

Whitening New Patient Smiles

Northwest Family Dental offers complimentary teeth whitening to new adult patients as a part of our commitment to beautiful smiles. Dr. Evans will create custom whitening trays and provide professional bleaching solution to new patients for at-home treatment. 

Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

Tooth-colored fillings - Repairing cavities with tooth-colored fillings will not only improve a patient’s smile, but health as well. The composite resin used to repair the tooth, is a durable material to protect the integrity of the tooth and is color-matched to blend in with neighboring teeth. Northwest Family Dental does not use amalgam, silver-fillings.

Crowns - When a tooth has severe damage and decay, a crown is used to protect the remaining healthy tooth. These crowns are color-matched and fit to support a healthy bite.

Veneers - Veneers are used to improve your smile and will help cover small misalignments, chipped, broken, severely stained and uneven teeth.                

Dentures - A full or partial denture will replace your missing teeth to recreate a beautiful smile. Traditional or implant-supported dentures give patients the ability to chew and speak with ease and confidence.

Bridges - Traditional bridges rebuild a patient’s bite when missing a few teeth. Implant-supported or fixed bridges will do the same, but will not compromise neighboring teeth during placement.

Dental implant restorations - A single crown, bridge or denture (full or partial) are secured onto dental implants and offer a strong bite to improve function with aesthetic results.

Tooth bonding - The bonding process will build up a broken, chipped or uneven tooth to blend in with neighboring teeth.

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Dr. Sara Evans and her team will create treatment plans based on your dental needs and your desired results. Achieving and maintaining a beautiful smile is easy to do with our cosmetic restorations and procedures. To learn more about available treatments or how our cosmetic dental office in Rainier can help improve your smile, contact Northwest Family Dental to schedule an appointment.

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